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M.A.C Venomous Villians!!!

Hello beautiful people!;

Today was the release of the Venomous Villans collection. YAY!! I was waiting forever for this collection to release. They came out with four villans: Malificent (Sleeping Beauty), Evil Queen (Snow White), Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmations), and Dr. Facilier (Princess and the Frog). The Villian that really caught my eye was the Malificent collection. The colors from her line are gorgeous <3...>

My Dark Magic, on the site they describe it as deep pink with pink pearl/ deep plum with pink pearl.

She Who Dares is a Dark blue with blue pearl and green with green pearl.

These are the swatches! Aren't they beautiful? :)

Now for the beauty powder ^_^... this one is the Evil Queen. Oh So Fair, its a soft pink with a little bit of a sheen to it. When I apply this to my cheeks it brightens up my whole face. It's very buildable and applies clean.

Malificient beauty powder Briar Rose, is a soft pink with pearl. Love this beauty powder! It makes my cheeks look rosey :) These Beauty powders are $25

I give these products 5 out of 5 no doubt. If you guys love these products like I do get it before they sell out.

Trust! These are worth it.

If you guys want to see more swatches and info. about these go to http://http//
Happy Reading :)
Love: Debbie
FTC: Bought all of these with my own money (except one of the bp my bf got me it). I'm not getting paid for this remove.

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