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TOMS Shoes

Hey Loves;

First of all let me tell you, these shoes are really comfy, cute, and stylish! My mom bought me these at Nordstrom. I got the black glitter flats with a leather sole and it cost about $53.95. The good thing I liked about these shoes is that if you buy one pair a child will get a new pair of shoes. It's a really good cause. When I tried these at Nordstrom it was a bit tight (I'm a size 7) and I thought I needed another size but the sales person told me it's suppose to be that way. But it'll stretch out and it'll be more comfortable. Which it has.
Honestly, I never heard of TOMS, I seen a commercial of these shoes but never paid attention. Until a couple of months ago I went on a camping trip with my family. My cousin was wearing these and said they were comfy. They looked weird at first but when I went to the mall and tried it on, it was really cute. I'm going to buy the classic canvas slip on in black and red next time. I hope you guys enjoy this review :)

Have you guys tried TOMS?

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