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Three days ago I went to Ross with my sister and I found these clogs! I always wanted to own a pair of clogs, but some cost over $20 to almost $40. Luckily I got this for $13.99! Ross has cute stuff for cheap. These are comfortable for me to wear but I have a feeling that in about 3-4 hours my foot is going to hurt. It's because I'm flat foot, but if your foot is curved than it'll be fine. I'll be posting an outfit of the day featuring these shoes pretty soon :). Just be patient! OK talk to you guys later

Love <3 Debbie


  1. I followed you! Thanks. :)

    That's such a good deal. I found some gorgeous heels there yesterday! But I didn't get them. :( I'm going back soon! :D

    Have a great day!

  2. i love the idea of cloggs, but i really dont think i could pull them off! :( youll have to show us them in an outfit post! :) xx