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sushi nom nom nom

Hey loves,
Today I had school at 9am and I'm so tired. I didn't sleep until 2am because I was studying for my quiz and watching Eclipse at the same time. OMG! I never watched it at the movies but it's pretty good, but dang they be looking all horny hahah. And what's with Bella kissing Jacob when Edward was right there? lol sorry went off topic. Annyyywaysss. During class my friends and I kept talking about food! We started talking about sea food, adobo, sandwiches, burgers, and DONUTSS! Omg my mouth is watering right now haha.. well my friends Karen, Kevin, & I decided to go eat at Sushi Factory.. It was so delicious and good for my wallet. seriously $16.95 for all you can eat sushi! Not bad. Well here are the pictures I hope your guy's mouth water when you take a look at these pictures! Round ONE

Round TWO


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  2. That sushi looks absolutely amazing! I am craving it right now! lol Please check out my blog!

  3. Oh dear! My husband can probably finish that plate all on his own. :))