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Hey loves,

Tonight I'll be posting a lot of post since I have time today. Anyways, I want to make a review about this nail product Nailtiques. My nails used to be kind of thick during junior high, I used to grow it and do french tips. Until I went to high school I wanted to experiment with acrylics, gel, and press on nails. Honestly they really f*$@ up my nails; I would always try to grow them but my nails got really weak, would chip, peel, and break. Well I'll just get to the point. I bought this nail polish about two days ago. They have different formulas 1-3. This product is a nail protein which should make your nails stronger and healthier. I just started about 2 two days ago, but I'll try to keep up to date with my nail growth. I've read so much reviews about it this product their good and somewhat bad. To tell you the truth a nail strengthener and nail hardener can or could help you nails become stronger, However, it's based on genes and nutrition. My best advice is to not get acrylics and just keep them natural. I can't really give a rating and further review about this since I started. I'll keep track and take pictures to show you guys my progress. Here are the pictures.

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